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“It is easier to instill confidence than competence, and training designed to increase confidence without competence can set the student up for failure”


Our Logo is a Wolverine for a reason. The Wolverine has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself (Wikepedia). The female of the species is stronger than the male and extremely protective of their offspring. A trapped female Wolverine will chew through a bone to survive and reach their kits. Our goal at RSP is to give skills that bring out the Wolverine in the ladies that attend our courses in the event they are attacked.
We teach Men and Women separately generally (some specific class exceptions but for our female courses if the participant wished to bring a male training partner this is agreeable). Most martial arts based self defence classes do not focus on the environment in which the majority of attacks occur. For example most predator attacks on women are targeted at robbery, rape and worst case scenario murder whereas attacks on men are to a high degree in a social environment and very different. We ensure that the different environments including in home attacks are reviewed during the training and tactical drills incorporate not only how to deal with a violent attack but also awareness and avoidance. The very term “Self Defence” infers that the attack is taking place and then other Tactics such as awareness and avoidance are not covered hence why we use “Self Protection”. Domestic abuse is also a severe concern for women.
Our courses are limited to twelve (12) people who will work in rotating pairs. The small number means we can focus on all participants and ensure significant take away. We suggest all participants bring a notebook.


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