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“It is easier to instill confidence than competence, and training designed to increase confidence without competence can set the student up for failure”


What we do teach,


  • Techniques taken from a variety of sources, researched for effectiveness. These techniques are focused on ensuring you avoid personal injury or worse. They are easy to learn, easy to retain and based on using simple natural movement.

  • We teach Men and Women separately generally (some specific class exceptions). Most martial arts based self defence classes do not focus on the environment in which the majority of attacks occur. For example most predator attacks on women are targeted at robbery, rape and worst case scenario murder. Domestic abuse is also a severe concern for many women. For men however research shows that most attacks on adult men occur in a bar or direct confrontational scenario (often called a Monkey dance).  So, in a nutshell not only is the environment different but the physical attacks are different. Most attacks on women will be a grab/hold/choke and most on men a strike. We haven’t even got to the use of weapons yet.

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