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Definition of violence;

Behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something:

Lets cut to the chase, there is no political correctness or softening of reality on this page : We live in increasingly violent times, we can’t and shouldn’t deny this. We are sure you all like us notice that almost daily there is a report in the media of a violent attack in Malaysia. However we shouldn’t live our lives in fear and the goal of RSP’s training programmes is that we provide learning so participants have a skills base that will allow them to have an increased awareness of environment, potential risks that could lead to a violent confrontation and how to avoid but also how to deal with a violent confrontation should one ever occur. A key differentiator of our training programmes is we cover the mental / psychological aspects of violence alongside the physical techniques dealing with attacks. We teach techniques that are easy to learn and retain and we generally teach Men and Women separately recognising the environment, cause and type of attacks vary considerably between men and women.

Why not self defence, well, the very term self defence aludes to the fact that a confrontation is inevitable and the concepts of awareness and avoidance are negated. Violent attacks come in different ways. We teach Men and Women separately generally (some specific class exceptions). Most martial arts based self defence classes do not focus on the environment in which the majority of attacks occur. For example most predator attacks on women are targeted at robbery, rape and worst case scenario murder. Domestic abuse is also a severe concern for many women. For men however research shows that most attacks on adult men occur in a bar or direct confrontational scenario (often called a Monkey dance).
There are two basic types of Predator. A Resource predator is targeting to take something from you. A car, money for example and we see bag snatches recorded almost daily in the Malaysian press. A Resource predator would be willing to use violence, often threatening violence but would also avoid violence.
A Process predator uses violence as the act itself. Rape and murder is the work of a process predator.
It is critically important in training to separate the types of predators as their goals and dynamics around the violence used plus the ways to evade them are critically different.
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